Convert your unwanted jewelry to cash. You may get sentimental in selling your unused jewelry or gold but practicality pays more. Here are the ways to get the best deal for your jewelry or gold pieces.

Obtain Good Evaluation of Your Jewelry Pieces

  1. Go online and find similar items from Amazon or eBay just to get a price range for a used jewelry being sold by a seller.
  2. Try to get an assistance from a certified appraiser who can provide an approximate value for your jewelry. An appraiser normally provides a printed appraisal that can cost for about $30 – $80 depending on the quantity of your merchandise.
  3. A trusted diamond or jewelry buyer can also help for a free evaluation if you are limited in budget.

Make Your Expectation Real

You may view a jewelry piece you inherited for huge profit but you need to understand that you are selling a used jewelry and not all people are open to buying a secondhand jewelry. It is commonly accepted that a secondhand piece can rarely be sold for anything close to its purchasing price nor anywhere near to its appraised value as appraisal is for insurance replacement purposes only. Hence, the actual amount you will get for your jewelry is dependent on several aspects such as rarity, beauty, originality, age and material composition of your piece.

Aside from preparing your pocket in selling unused jewelries you must also prepare you mind and heart because reality (market trend, buyer’s choice, demands, gold price) will dictate the value of your jewelry.