Helpful Ways in Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Nowadays, to have cash in your hand is very important than credit cards. Cash is considered as emergency funds for any reason or season. Health, education, mortgages, credit card debts and other purposes can surely benefit when you have cash. So instead of keeping old or inherited jewelries in your safe, why not consider the option of selling them?

~ It is always the best choice if you have your own jewelry stores to sell your jewelry. Aside from trustworthiness aspect, you can be sure that the jeweler is established and will not take advantage of you because the main focus of their business is selling.

~ Exclude gold buyer from your list. Over the years, many gold buying companies are making themselves known in the market but not all of them are licensed. Know them first by checking their company in Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp & other verification sources before going to their territory to sell.

~ Get familiarized with the factors that affect the offer you receive. The gold market price may influence the offer but other factors such as gold weight and composition of the jewelry piece (diamonds, precious stone, etc.) can definitely contributes to the price of your jewelry.

~ Be aware of the type of jewelry piece from your inventory. The reality of selling jewelry is that the jeweler usually buys your pieces as gold scrap. They melt everything. But if your jewelry piece is a designer brand then pricing should be different.

~ Avoid selling to pawnshops because they are known of buying jewelry at the lowest possible amount. Their lack of ability and knowledge to evaluate the quality of jewelry is also evident thereby giving an offer to your jewelry way below than the fair price.

~ Obtain as much offers as you can. Don’t stick to just one quote & regret it later. A bigger horizon is awaiting for your diamond or jewelry if you do your homework carefully.