Selling your diamond ring can be quite sentimental due to the value it holds within yourself. Apart from that it can also be quite challenging and complicated if you don’t know anything about the diamond market. There are several crucial things you have to consider, when selling your diamond ring.

Rings or any other jewelry can either be sold to a customer directly, or to a diamond dealer. You can even contact a jewelry dealer to sell your ring on consignment for a commission, when the jewelry is successfully sold out. Just be sure to get your ring appraised before selling it! And also do the research to make sure you are dealing with a reliable jeweler or buyer.

Here are some key tips to sell your diamond ring quickly and safely:


To sell your diamond ring, first you need to prepare your ground. You can do that successfully, if you follow the guide mentioned below.

  • Don’t expect too much: Do understand that it’s a resell that you’re seeking for. You can’t get the price of the brand new diamond ring for the used one. Be reasonable while quoting a price if you really want it to be sold quickly and easily.
  • Get an appraisal for your ring: Getting an appraisal from an expert will add more worth to your diamond ring. You can sell it like a hot cake if you present it while expressing its in-depth edifices.
  • Know your selling options: Always understand the market to make things easier for yourself. In the case of jewelry such as a diamond ring, you can contact jewelry store, diamond dealer, or pawn shop. Selling it directly to a potential customer can give you more return when compared to a diamond dealer as there’s no middle man to take commission.


The next thing you have to do before selling your diamond ring is to spread a word.

  • Offer authentication: Have some proof of your diamond’s authenticity? Show that.
  • Put quality images: Avoid bad quality pictures and use the HD versions instead. People believe in what they see, not generally in what you say.
  • Describe everything: Make sure to write each and every single detail about your product. It’s important to grab the customer’s attention.
  • Print ads: If you feel your customer is not available online, give an ad to the newspaper or to any popular magazine in your locality.
  • Delivery method: Specify the delivery method, and make sure it’s a reliable one to gratify the customer’s concerns.


There are few things you have to keep in mind while selling your diamond ring to a dealer.

  • Decide the type of dealer you want: Diamond buyers and pawn shops will pay you instantly while jewelry shops will deal it on consignment of getting paid once the piece is sold. Decide which option suits you the most.
  • Double check for the offer: It’s better to wait and seek for another offer, perhaps you find the higher comparative rates this time.
  • Establish the terms of sell: Talk to the dealer about your terms of sale. For that it’s important that you have established them already!