Best Diamond Buyer in Los Angeles

There is a national park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas called the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is 37 acres of land designated as an official “diamond search area.” Instead of a mine shaft, the potential is to find diamonds that have “bubbled up” to the surface of the crater. If you find a diamond there, then it is yours to keep. Recently, a couple came upon a 3.2 carat diamond after just strolling through the park for less than 30 minutes.

Before you pack up and fly to Arkansas, know that the chance of finding diamonds at the park are extremely rare. You have a better shot at going through some of your old rings, necklaces, and earrings to find a diamond of value. Once you have completed your jewelry box prospecting, you can bring those gems to the best diamond buyer in Los Angeles for a fair price. Getting cash in exchange for your diamonds is always a terrific exchange to engage in.

The Diamond Tests

Selling your diamonds in Los Angeles isn’t a complicated process. Your diamonds can be brought to a diamond buyer as loose stones or as part of a setting. If you come across loose diamonds in your collection, then you might want to test their authenticity before attempting to sell your diamonds.

A quick test is to hold the diamond under a black light. Real diamonds should emit a blue florescence. If the diamond gives off a green or yellow hue, then it probably isn’t real. You can also simply drop your diamond into a glass of water. If it sinks, then it is the real thing.

Diamonds as Investments

Like gold, diamonds can also be considered an investment. Owning a cache of loose diamonds affords you the opportunity to occasionally pull out a stone and sell it to a diamond buyer in Los Angeles. This is when you want to deal exclusively with diamond buyers who have earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional prices.

Estate Jewelry

Another source of diamonds to sell could be from a collection of jewelry that you either inherited or purchased from an estate. Those diamonds could already be part of gold or silver settings. There is value when the diamond is removed from those settings. Those settings can also hold value if they are genuine gold or silver. Obviously, if you inherited some family heirlooms you want to hold onto them to pass down to your children. For all the other random pieces of jewelry and diamonds, you should consider getting cash for the holidays from a reputable diamond buyer in Los Angeles. Diamonds are only valuable when you can sell them.