How Much Should I Expect To Sell My Diamond Engagement Ring?

Not every engaged couple turns out to be a “perfect match.” There is a lot that can happen between saying “yes” to the big question and actually walking down the aisle. Often the excitement of a couple planning a wedding runs into the reality of moving into together and drastically changing their lives. It could be that the future reality might not be what they had in mind. In those scenarios, it is much better to call off a wedding and part friends. That would leave the question of the engagement ring and whether you want to sell your jewelry. When you sell your diamond ring you could bring a sense of closure to that relationship. Most importantly, you can get cash for that diamond ring and that would make any day brighter!

Appraisal First

The best place to sell diamonds in Los Angeles is a jeweler with experience. This is someone who will know the current market value for used jewelry, diamonds and gold. When you sell your diamond ring you won’t be getting what you originally paid for that item. It is the same principle behind selling a car. The moment you drive off the dealership lot, that car is going to depreciate in value. Gold and diamond are no different. However, working with that experienced diamond dealer in Los Angeles means you’ll be given a fair deal. They wouldn’t be a successful business without building up a solid reputation for buying diamonds and gold. That reputation matters when it comes to getting the best cash value for your diamonds.

Separating the Setting

There are two potential areas of value with your used jewelry: The stone and the setting. The grade and condition of the stone and setting will determine just how much cash you can receive in exchange for those pieces. You might consider separating the diamond from the setting before getting an appraisal. That is something you should discuss with the jeweler before you take any action.

Used Jewelry

Not every diamond ring has to be an engagement ring. You might also have some pieces that you acquired from a family member’s estate. That can include diamond earrings and necklaces. There could also be a ring where you would like to upgrade your diamond. Anything is possible when you’re working with a reputable diamond dealer.

You should approach selling your diamond ring or used jewelry as an opportunity to gain cash to put towards the things you really want. A diamond ring isn’t doing anyone any favors just sitting in a jewelry box. Put that diamond to “work!”