The Best Place To Sell My Jewelry

When considering of the best place to sell your jewelry in Los Angeles, you have to check the jewelry buyer’s expertise and the background of the company so you don’t get screwed up for the price. For initial reference, you may check online the value of your diamond or jewelry through selling/auction platforms or by searching on the prices for similar used jewelry. Gold jewelry is a bright and very practical idea for investing your money. If it is a high value, you can resell it for a high price anytime you want to resell it. Keep in mind, if you decide to sell it make sure that you learn the tips on selling jewelry for the price that you deserve.


Go to a well-known jewelry store first, choosing where to sell your valuable jewelry should be your first option. They should have a good reputation so when appraising your jewelry you will receive a fair and favorable offer. Shop around and always get more than one quote. It is better to have more opinions for the value of your jewelry. Jewelers are worth considering over pawnbrokers because pawnbrokers tend to pay incredibly low amount of money as they take advantage on your desperate situation. A jeweler solely base their offer on the quality of your jewelry or diamonds.

There are important factors that can impact the price value of your jewelry when you sell it. You need to know the information of your Jewelry such as carat type of your Gold (14K, 18K, 22K); Gram total weight; and if there are diamonds or center diamond in the setting. It’s also a plus if the diamond is certified by a reputable laboratory like GIA.

Your dealer can educate you more about the market condition such as selling price of used jewelry, gold or diamonds and may even help you endorse your jewelry or diamond to the bigger market. You can also do a consignment with your jeweler but be sure to have a clear arrangement with them to handle your jewelry and the type of payment once it gets sold. When you consign your jewelry, make sure to deal with a trustworthy jeweler who has established store or office, fully covered by insurance and willing to provide you proper documentation for the jewelry or diamond you are consigning with them. That way, you will a peace of mind while waiting for your jewelry to get sold by them even if takes a long period of time.