The very question that holds for most married or engaged people is: Can you I sell my engagement ring? Then answer is YES! For as long as other people continue to get engaged or married your opportunity to sell your diamond ring for a good deal is possible. It is good to mention though that most of them prefer to buy a new ring or an inherited the ring from their family. But for those looking to cut the costs and to save money they consider to buy a second-hand engagement ring because of its huge price difference.

Whether you inherited an old diamond ring or own an engagement ring that you no longer want, there are some great places such as diamond dealers to sell your ring for the best price.

As an expert engagement ring buyer, they fully understand that selling an engagement ring can be emotionally difficult for the person especially after a divorce or breakup. So the diamond knowledge and price sensitivity matter a lot and finding the right diamond buyer in Los Angeles Jewelry District is the key. On the lighter side, however, selling the engagement ring should be an easy money. Making a thousand or even a few hundred makes the difference for most people. But don’t just pop up into some store or pawnshop. A specialized diamond buyer will know your ring’s value and pay you the best price.

What are the best options to sell your ring?

Independent Jeweler or Diamond Dealer

A well established company that specialized on buying or selling diamonds are good option. Google search and Google reviews can help you save more time. Independent jewelers or diamond dealers are better choice than other stores in most scenarios. Look for a company that is connected or trained by Gemological Institute of America Laboratory (GIA) as they’ll be able to evaluate your diamond ring for the right and best price.

Vintage Jewelry Store

Like an independent Jeweler, a vintage store is a good option too. They have an expert who can examine your ring and estimate its worth. Overall they both have similar type of process. It’s better to have a few different opinions from an expert on how much your ring can be worth before making a decision to sell your engagement ring. Visiting either a jeweler or a vintage store can be a smart choice.


Keep in mind that selling your old engagement ring is nothing to feel sad or guilty about because it is one of the great ways to make easy money in the future. Do not set yourself up for disappointment when it comes to the value of your engagement ring. But keep in mind that it will never be the same price when you bought your engagement ring even though you have paid a lot or it has a sentimental value.