Selling Your Old Jewelry During Pandemic For The Highest Price

The COVID crisis has upended everyone’s lives. Some folks were able to make the transition to remote work. Others weren’t so lucky as businesses shuttered all across Los Angeles. The hope is that those businesses will come back and the staff can return to work. In the meantime, there are options to help pay the bills. Among the easiest options to obtain some much-needed cash would be to sell your old jewelry. That can be taken care of by contacting a trusted dealer in Los Angeles and arranging for an appraisal appointment. That single session can result in “cash in hand” and that is something everyone can benefit from.

In addition to bringing your jewelry to sell in person, you can also arrange for it to be sent by courier. The trusted jewelry dealer that you select should be able to send you a prepaid label to send your jewelry back to them. That would provide for a “touchless” exchange that could be more beneficial.

Sort Through the Collection

An individual’s jewelry collection can be made up of precious gifts, family heirlooms, secondhand jewelry and random pieces collected over the course of a lifetime. Many of those jewelry pieces might not have been worn in several years. Those should be the first items to consider for your trip to the jewelry district Los Angeles. There the goal will be to find the highest offer for your jewelry. As long as you’re working with a trusted dealer in Los Angeles, you should feel confident that you’ll be getting the very best price for your jewelry.

Loose Diamonds

You might also have some loose diamonds in your collection. This could be a center stone that has fallen out of a ring or was part of an inherited jewelry piece. Those loose diamonds can be appraised by a diamond jewelry buyer. A loose diamond can be as valuable as a diamond set in a ring provided that the diamond meets the various clarity conditions.

Acquiring Jewelry

There could be some pieces of jewelry in your collection that once held sentimental value but might no longer have that same level of appreciation. That would certainly hold true to any ring, earring or necklace given as a gift by someone you are no longer in a relationship with. Do you really need to hold onto that piece? If it can be turned into cash, then you might find an added level of “closure.” That would actually be priceless!

You might have also bought some pieces for your collection from estate sales or while on vacation. Those also might not have any sentimental attachment and would be worth trading in for cash.

Jewelry should be considered an investment. In these trying times, it might help to put that investment to work.