Selling your gold or diamond during pandemic is tried and tested. We are now in the midst of extreme times and financial security is a must!

Many people were compelled to make multiple changes in their lives. Many have lost their source of income or was reduced significantly. Having good savings is a strong advantage and selling your old jewelry or diamond is the best source of investment.

Here are helpful tips in selling your jewelry and diamond:

  • Sell Online

Selling online is one of the safest methods to avoid disease from physical contact. It protects you as a jewelry or diamond seller and the dealer too whom you intend to sell your jewelry. Ebay, Etsy and Amazon are some of the few recommended marketplaces to go.

  • Make Use of Technology

Most popular are Zoom, Messenger, Whatsapp and other online chat tool via desktop or smart phone to showcase your jewelry or diamond and initially get a quote before making an in-person appointment. This way you save time and money with less exposure before deciding to sell your jewelry.

  • Make Your Boundaries Be Known

Regardless if you’re selling your diamond or jewelry online or in-person, you need to be clear on how much you want your jewelry to be sold; method of payment (check or cash); type of delivery (via courier or in-person) and shipping cost’s responsibility.

  • Avoid Assuming

Be transparent and straightforward as you transact with a gold or diamond dealer. Getting paid with cash or cashier’s check is the best option. Make sure that the dealer you’re dealing with is credible and honest. These dealers are usually located in the jewelry district of Los Angeles with well-established offices or stores.