Is selling jewelry beneficial? Can I get a fair price if not the same price when I bought my old jewelry? These are the usual questions we ask ourselves if we are in a financial difficulty or looking for an investment.

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Know Your Jewelry

Estate is the term used to describe previously owned jewelry which are not as valuable as new most people prefer to buy new ones due to superstitious reasons or personal preferences. Estate jewelry that is out of style cannot demand for premium price unless the jewelry is antique which is highly collectible. The price difference can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The condition of your jewelry is the main gauge for pricing. For damaged or broken jewelry, the restoration costs are greatly considered and usually classified and purchased by a dealer as scrap to be melted to get the best value from it. Knowing the potential of your jewelry if it’s even worth to be restored or to sell in its original condition counts greatly in selling value.

Choose A Good Dealer

Selling your jewelry is an art of compromise between you as the seller and the dealer as the buyer. You need to assess and balance between the dollar offer, the speed of payment and the ease and safety of transaction. Thus finding the right dealer who is established, trustworthy and transparent is another key to achieve a worry-free, legitimate and favorable deal.