Any financial advisor will tell you that the best way to make money is to actually make your money work for you. That means investing in products that can provide a return. It could be real estate, stocks or a high-yielding CD. The part that those advisors leave out is how you’re supposed to get that money for those investments in the first place.

You might actually be sitting on your own “gold mine” with your collection of unwanted jewelry. When you sell your jewelry, it can become cash for gold and that can be turned into all kinds of investments and savings.

Sorting Time

Before you sell your jewelry, you need to pick out those pieces that will have value for someone like a Los Angeles diamond buyer. This is a trusted dealer that you can find in the jewelry district in Los Angeles who can provide you with the best cash offer for items like an old engagement ring. Yes, that ring might have been given to you from a former boyfriend who has long since moved out of the picture. That makes it your ring to do with as you please.

It could also be an old engagement ring that might not have any value for anyone in the family. Of course, it can have a lot of value with a diamond buyer! Keep in mind that not all the jewelry that you present for sale has to be a diamond ring. You can also find interest for gold chains, bracelets and earrings. You might want to take some time to clean the jewelry in order to present it in the best light to get the highest price.

Fair Appraisal

When you bring your unwanted jewelry to a Los Angeles diamond buyer, you will be given a fair appraisal for that piece. The buyer will be examining the quality of the diamond and the setting. Don’t be surprised if the diamond is valued much higher than the setting. You might also find that what you thought was a diamond isn’t one! That could be when the gold or silver of the setting has the value.

You might also have some loose diamonds that are part of your selling plans. Those will also be examined for color and clarity. Once the appraisal is made, you can accept the offer and walk out of the store with cash in hand. It really is that simple. Are you ready to get cash for your jewelry?